Sunday, December 18, 2011

Looking Pass the Plant!

The washington dc residents are very closed minded and are living in a bubble if you ask me.
there has been a history or violence drug dealing and polictical corruption in the capital city.
Public schools in the district was a joke not enough of anything that was needed to stimulate a young
mind and help them to grow and develop. holding down the championship title of the murder capital
for a few years, washington dc was a tragic place to live. being a young man myself at the time this
was accuring i was confused about what was going on around me. this was the nations capital where
the president of the whole nation rested his head and his family, yet we were living in a war zone.
people were getting shoot going to get gas no drug connections no street beef, just cause, teacher in high schools getting shoot by students, metal detectors began to be place in the schools i mean it was sad.
i had friends of mine that were my age who where gunned down in the street for nothing wrong place at the wrong time. as you watch documenteries about how some of most notorious drug dealers come from washington dc you also have to remember that was the past, washington dc in my eyes is not the same place it was 15years ago it has cleaned its self up very well, i was taught coming up that you should always embrace change, with americans embracing the views of dr. king and seeing a need for change we were able to come together as one and raise above the ignorance that was being displayed by our peers. modern times deserves modern answers and solutions, and i say that to say this....we need to stand up and stop acting as if medical cannabis will some how bring unwanted crime to our city, robberies and a reason to fear for your life, thats just CRAZY! we are speaking about a plant here people!!! i heard one dc resident say "how will they prevent the patients from buying from the dispensary and then turning around and selling it in the street" how rediculious can you be! any and every so called legal drug is giving away or resold in the streets Vigra, OC, Perks, i dont see any protest to shut down your local CVS WALGREENS, so stop being STUBBURN residents of washington medical cannabis is here and its here to stay so instead of being so negative open your mind get invovled do some research see how implimenting this will help the city that you love so much ensure that your children get what the need in their schools, not only hepling the patients who need the plant to survive but how the preceeds can help others your mother your father your grandmother who cant afford treatment for their cancer or hiv and are forced to die alone at home in pain because no one cares!!!!  OPEN YOUR EYES TIMES HAVE CHANGED!! 4PEOPLE WERE SHOOT THIS WEEKEND IN COLD BLOOD AND NOT ONE MEDICAL DISPENSARY HAS WENT UP YET! THING ABOUT IT!

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