Sunday, December 18, 2011

What taking so long???

Hello folks today in sunday december 18th 2011.
today i will like to talk about whats taking our nations
capital so with implimenting a plan of action to get
a medical cannabis dispensary up and running? it seems
there are having no problems with continuing to take applicants
money but yet we still have patients who continue to wait and suffer,
as washington takes it sweet time with the process. like i said in my previous
blog i lived in denver for over 8yrs and i watch as this process unfolded
in that state for medical cannabis. and whats mind numbing to me is
that the bottom line for this movement is not only to help the hiv and cancer
patients beable to recieve there medicine but it will bring in countless revenue
for our city. much needed revenue if you ask me. i have watched the state of colorado
facilities created countless jobs open up the eyes of youth to enter the feild of medicine
become interested in argiculture, physical therapy, massage therapy, fields that without
the medical caanbis movement they would have never even thought of doing anything
in these fields of study. becoming more intuned with the hiv and cancer patients, becoming
volunteers at local hospitals and clinics, it was a great site to see! :) so i pos the question again..
what taking so long???? i truly believe that once the first dispensary touches down in washington DC
the peolpe will begin to see the change all around them. Peace!!!!

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