Saturday, December 17, 2011

What Should The Medical Marijauna Seen Look in Washington DC?

Im from the Maryland area originally,(Landover) but i moved to Denver Colorado in 2002,
the medical marijuana was fairly new no dispenseries were up and running yet. The idea of cannbis
being legal in any form was just mind blowing to me, coming from maryland where you could
go to jail for a roach or even a seed in the ashtray of your car. Never really been a heavey smoker
as i grew up alot of folks were getting high!!! and it was really looked down upon by people who
felt that if you smoked pot you were destant to use cocaine or crack sooner or later. so as i settled
in to colorado which is a beautiful place by the way i began to follow the movement of medical
cannabis, and the views of the folks that were trying to pass this law were interesting. because like many others i didnt have all the facts just knew that people said it was good for glioma. hey im not a doctor but as i learned more about its uses (marijuana) in patients who were suffering from cancer, hiv, depression, adhd, migrains, stress, and and many other dieases my outlook changed. now all the people that were
going agianst the evolution of medical marijuana veiws began to make no sense at all. just like me you have all seen the the commericals of medicines that are plastered all over the television about a new drug that can help you with an elment you may be dealing with, and along with it comes side effects that im sure you dont want inorder to get rid of of or even just minimize your pain. And these product were very much legal. also companies were making billions of dollars of them as well. the birth of medical cannabis was not only to provide for pateints who chose to use it as a alternative medicine or allow people who use it for recreation, because get real marijuana users are harmless :) its rediculious to be booked and processed for marijuana for personal use. but it would also provide funds for its state to take care of state problems. problems that local residents needed inorder to raise their kids and live a comfortable life: such as safe environment for their schools, reading materials, money for programs, money for roads, provide employment (jobs) restore communites that were feeling the effects of the ression, provise care for people who didnt have insurance or money to pay deductibles. now if your familiar with medical marijuana movement colorado is one of the top states to impliment medical cannabis with great success, dont get me wrong there have been a few set backs along the way but the overall picture is perfect. they say every city in the world has a hood or ghetto, this place would be idenified by low imcome residents run down schools high crime and drug traffic. when i first moved to colorado i went searching for the hood to feel more at home as i familiar with the state and the area i was taking to that represented the ghetto was funny. green grass nice single family homes, living conditions were not at all to be confused with proverty. and i was being told this was the hood (ghetto) of colorado. i stayed in denver for 9years and since the medical marijuana movement has took off there are no readily indentifiable hoods in the state. it has done and continues to serve its purpose for the people of colorado. Now that my home state has hopped on board with the movement how should it be handled? what should it look like? dc and maryland also face more problems when it comes to crimes and drugs, without medical marijuana legal, so if you were in charge what would be the goal of the medical marijuana movement for the nations capital? how would you use the proceeds? and there will be revenue!!! Lots Of IT!

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